5 Surprising Facts you May Not Know about Custom Floor Mats

5 Surprising Facts you May Not Know about Custom Floor Mats

You’ll want to roll out the welcome mat when you learn about these benefits 

Bland doorway? Dusty and dirty entryway? Wet and Slippery? If you’re looking for a way to enhance the décor of your building while improving how it operates, you may have considered a number of new initiatives. But there’s one you might not have thought about that provides a ton of advantages—Custom Logo Floor Mats.  That will almost certainly change when you discover all that they offer:

A warm welcome

Most public buildings have somebody near the front entrance to offer help and direction, but even before a visitor gets there, they can be greeted with a Custom Floor Mat that has a welcoming and captivating image. Right away this creates a strong first impression. It may be subtle, but people will definitely notice.

Color alone communicates emotion. For example, the psychology of color suggests that bold shades like yellow give off a warm and satisfying impression, with a lively and stimulating feel. Yellow is also the first color the human eye sees—so it can be very effective in grabbing the attention of the guests of your building when used on a custom designed floor mat. On the other hand, green is the most restful color for the human eye.

You have the freedom to design your custom mat to fit each of your needs; as well as your design objectives. Depending on your logo and how you would like you mat to look, your product will be able to give off a warm welcome to your guests.

Enhanced safety

Okay, so this one you probably already know. However, a cheap mat that you can purchase at the local corner store isn’t doing you any favors. Custom Floor Mats are designed with safety in mind. The extra rubber gripping on the back will prevent slips and falls, which is especially good during rainy weather. Safety is key, and with durable options like the Imagemat Entry All Rubber Logo Mats, we place well-being on the highest pedestal!

Easier Cleaning

Have you ever gone into a building with dirty shoes and looked around for a place to wipe them, only to find there wasn’t one? Though no fault of your own, you probably ended up tracking dirt all over the place. But with a Custom Floor Mat, you give people a specific place to wipe their feet and an area that promotes dust control. Sure, they may be doing it on your name or logo, but they’ll at least be looking at it. This means that less dirt gets tracked around the building, which is another preventative measure to avoid accidents.

Protection against damage

Both public and government institutions can see quite a few people come through their doors on a daily basis. And what takes a pounding as a result? The floors. Custom Logo Floor Mats are an excellent way to provide floors with added protection so that they will hold up longer.

Convinced custom floor mats are right for you?

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