Improved Safety with Custom Logo Mats

Improved Safety with Custom Logo Mats

Don’t put the safety of your visitors in jeopardy

Every business or organization that has visitors has an obligation to keep them safe. It’s too easy to think that accidents won’t occur. Nothing’s happened so far; why would it now? This is a false sense of security—accidents and injury can happen and, subsequently, a potential lawsuit.

This is why you put plans in place, to ensure that everyone who comes into your building is safe and protected. One way to do this? Use Custom Logo Mats. Not only do Logo Mats showcase your brand and business, they can prevent serious issues, including:


On a rainy day, it’s wet shoes on deck everywhere. And when these (and their attached persons) step inside a building, it’s an immediate hazard. Snow is a little bit slower, but every bit the hazard. Snow comes in on shoes, and then melts into a “slip ‘n slide”.

Even if the weather is warm and dry, there is still the possibility of someone slipping. With so many people walking around carrying water bottles, soda cans, and coffee cups, drips are almost inevitable. A Custom Logo Mat will not only absorb any liquids, it also provides a place for people to wipe their feet. The mats also offer a dry surface when the floors are being cleaned.

At Image Matters, for example, we offer the durable Waterhog Logo Mat that is equipped with a water dam and absorbs up to 1.5 gallons of water per square yard. More than that, the mat can don up to 18 colors! So no matter what your brand, logo, or mascot looks like, Waterhog keeps your building covered, stylish, safe, and dry!

…And falls

Another reason to use Custom Logo Mats is to prevent falls. In a busy building with people constantly moving in and out, it can be easy for someone to take a fall. It may be no big deal and they’ll get up quickly and go about their business, or it might be something serious. Either way, a Custom Logo Mat ensures that there is better footing.

When placed in high traffic areas, these mats can drastically reduce the chances of somebody getting hurt. Custom Logo Mats are especially useful in schools. Kids have a tendency to run or not pay attention to where they’re going, and the mats provide an excellent way to boost safety.

Just because there has never been an injury in your place of business doesn’t mean it won’t happen. To bolster your safety measures, you should think about bringing in Custom Logo Mats. With your logo front and center, you will love the way they look and also how they keep folks safe.

To get a free mockup and quote for your Custom Logo Mat, get in touch with Image Matters. Nobody knows floor matting like we do. Give us a call at 800-341-6287 or fill out our online contact form today!

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